Educational Considerations

Children With Developmental Challenges 3(2+1)

Lesson 19 : Instructional Programmes for MR Children

Educational Considerations

Educational programming options include the Focal points or emphasis areas in Educational programming for mental retardation are:

  1. Functional academic skills
  2. Vocational training
  3. Community living
  4. Self help skills
  • Individual needs of the student should be considered while constructing specific educational programs.
  • Schools must base the education of students on individual not system needs.
  • Curriculum must be sensitive to the environment in which individuals will ultimately be expected to adapt and function after leaving school. This concept is called “criterion of ultimate functioning”.

Functional curriculum: It instructs pupils in the life skills they require for successful daily living and prepares them for those situations and environments they will encounter upon leaving school. Sequenced into its component parts. Task analysis is the foundation for teaching complex functional and vocational skills to individuals with disabilities.

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