Children With Developmental Challenges 3(2+1)

Lesson 20 : Slow Learners


Slow learners are not mentally retarded. They are normal like other children in many aspects. However, they differ from average children in rate of learning. They are unable to cope with the work normally expected of their age group. In many instances they are referred as “LOW ACHIEVERS or UNDER ACHIEVERS’’. It is noticed that about 18-20 percent of school going children are slow learners. It is a considerable figure and not ignorable.

According to Burt (1937), has rightly pointed out that the term ‘ backward’ or ‘slow learner’ is reserved for those children who are unable to cope with work normally expected of their age group.

According to Jenson (1980), states that students with IQ 80 to 90 who are traditionally labelled ‘ dull normal’ are generally slower to ‘catch on’ to whatever is being taught if it involves symbolic, abstract or conceptual subject matter. In the early grades in school, they most often have problems in reading and arithmetic and are labelled “ slow learner”.


Causes of slow learning:

  • Poverty
  • Intelligence of family members
  • Emotional factors
  • Personal factors
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