Characteristics of Autism

Children With Developmental Challenges 3(2+1)

Lesson 25 : Pervasive Developmental Disorders -Autism

Characteristics of Autism

Common characteristics include the following

  • Student may have a range in degree of intellectual functioning and any adverse effect on educational performance
  • Significant communication/language/ interpersonal skill deficits
  • Self stimulate (rocking, hitting self)
  • Inappropriate emotions
  • Becomes upset with routine or environmental changes
  • Becomes frustrated when over-stimulated

Specific characteristics includes

  1. Communication
    1. Avoids eye contact
    2. Acts as if deaf
    3. Develops language, then abruptly stop talking
    4. Fails to use spoken language, without compensating by gesture
  2. Social relationships
    1. Acts as if unaware of the coming and going of others
    2. Are inaccessible, as if in a shell
    3. Fails to seek comfort
    4. Fails to develop relationships with peers
    5. Have problems seeing things from another person’s perspective, leaving the child unable to predict or understand other people’s actions
    6. Physically attacks and injure others without provocation
  3. Exploration of Environment
    1. Remains fixated on a single item or activity
    2. Practices strange actions like rocking or hand-flapping
    3. Sniffs or lick toys
    4. Shows no sensitivity to burns or bruises, and engage in self-mutilation
    5. Are intensely preoccupied with a single subject, activity or gesture
    6. Shows distress over change
    7. Insists on routine or rituals with no purpose
    8. Lacks fear
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