Integration Deficit (Sorting Information)

Children With Developmental Challenges 3(2+1)

Lesson 28 : Children Specific Learning Disabilities

Integration Deficit (Sorting Information)

This is the stage during which perceived input is interpreted, categorized, placed in a sequence, or related to previous learning. Children with problems in these areas may be unable to tell a story in the correct sequence, unable to memorize sequences of information such as the days of the week, able to understand a new concept but unable to generalize it to other areas of learning, or able to learn facts but unable to put the facts together to see the "big picture." A poor vocabulary may contribute to problems with comprehension.

All of the information recorded in the brain has to be placed in sequence and understood. The LD & ADD child might have difficulty in either area. For some children, the problems are greater with auditory inputs, and for others with visual inputs

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