Lecture 4

Brinjal (Solanum melongena L.) also known as egg-plant, aubergine, Guinea squash, is one of the important vegetable crops grown almost worldwide. It is native to India, where it has been cultivated since remote antiquity for its fleshy fruits. Eggplant fruits were a common food in China as long as 600 BC, when it was called Malayan purple melon. Now, it is extensively grown in eastern and southern Asia, including India, USA and other countries. The raw vegetables contains only 15 calories/ 100 g but its caloric value rises sharply when it is fried. Africans following folk medicine have long used brinjals to treat epilepsy and convulsions. In Southeast Asia, it is still used to treat measles and stomach cancer. During cultivation, crop is affected by several diseases of fungal, bacterial and phytoplasma nature, which inflict heavy losses in its production. A detailed account of various diseases affecting this crop and their management are described in this lecture.

Learning Objective:
  • To know about different diseases infecting brinjal and their management.
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