What is Pagemaker?

Designing Information Material 4(1+3)

Lesson 11 : Pagemaker

What is Pagemaker?

PageMaker is a desktop publishing program. It is a complete writing, editing, design and production tool for creating professional-quality publications.

The toolbox is a window that contains the 8 main tools used in PageMaker.
They include:

  • The arrow tool - used to move, re-size, or “grab” objects
  • The text tool (A) - used to add text or change existing text
  • Lines tools - used to create straight lines
  • Shape tools - used to create rectangles or circles
  • Rotation tool - used to rotate objects such as pictures,shapes, or text boxes
  • Cropping tool - used to cut or “crop” the part of the picture you wish to use

Remember that certain command options like text wrap are not available unless you click onto an object with the correct tool. This will be important as we go through the upcoming techniques.


Menu Overview
The commands contained in the Menus at the top of the screen are grouped according to their purpose. Three main Menus used in this handout are:

  • Layout Menu - these commands affect the layout or design of the page. It includes commands to create guides or to add and delete pages.
  • Type Menu - these commands are used to modify text such as font, size, leading (space between lines), alignment, and indentation.
  • Element Menu - these are used to modify objects such as lines or objects.
    If you click on found in the lower left hand side of the window, you will be shown the Master Pages. Everything that you add on the Master Pages will appear on every page of your publication. For double-sided, facing pages, you will be shown left and right pages. This is where you want to add headers, footers, common guides, columns, etc. This is a convenient layout tool particularly when dealing with multiple–paged publications.

Page Numbering
To have PageMaker automatically number the pages, use the text tool (A), select the area where you would like to have page numbering, press Command-option-P. Make sure that you are in the master page layout.

Guides, Columns and Rulers

Guides are very useful for aligning objects on the page. If you select Snap to Guides then every time you move an object close to a guide it will align itself with that guide. To create a horizontal guide (running across the page), simply click on the top ruler and drag down. A green line will appear. Drag from the left ruler if you want to create a vertical guide (running up and down the page).


To make columns, go to the Layout Menu and click on Column guides. You will then see the column guides as a pair of blue lines. You can move the columns across the page by clicking them and dragging them.

There are two lines on the ruler that move with your cursor. These let you align objects with the ruler. Choosing Snap to Rulers will automatically align any objects that you create or move to the ruler increments.
To move the zero point of the ruler, click on the cross mark at the end of the ruler bar and drag it to where you want the zero mark.

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