Choose a Distinctive, Benefit-Oriented Title

Designing Information Material 4(1+3)

Lesson 14 : News Letter

Choose a Distinctive, Benefit-Oriented Title

Newsletter success begins with the nameplate, the stylized treatment of your newsletter's title that appears on the front page of each issue.

Your newsletter's title should serve as an icon, or visual symbol, signaling the content of your newsletter. A title consisting of a few short words is better than one containing several long words. Short titles and words permit the use of a large type size. Instead of a long title, consider breaking the title of your newsletter into two parts; a short, key word set in a large type size supported by a longer subtitle set in a smaller type size which amplifies its meaning.

Avoid "brag and boast" titles, titles that do not offer readers a benefit. Instead, focus on the benefit your newsletter offers and make that your key word. Always eliminate "empty" words like "newsletter" and "the."

Avoid cluttered nameplates. Eliminate unnecessary boxes, horizontal rules and backgrounds. Avoid including distracting logos and other graphic elements; reposition your firm's logo at the bottom of the page instead of placing it at the top of the page where it competes with the nameplate.
Make sure that your newsletter nameplate emerges as a distinct visual element, separate from the headlines and text that follows.

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