Simplify Your Design

Designing Information Material 4(1+3)

Lesson 14 : News Letter

Simplify Your Design

Strive for simplicity. Eliminate unnecessary boxes, borders and rules. Use a single headline typeface and type size throughout your headline and avoid the temptation to use too much bold or italics within your body copy. Clutter detracts from your message. Every change in typography, color or layout detracts from your reader's ability to concentrate on your message.


You can improve your newsletter's ability to generate new business by establishing realistic goals and working as efficiently as possible. Choose the least number of pages that offers you to the space necessary to "tease" readers into contacting you for more information. Commit to simplicity and efficiency. Invest time up front creating a newsletter template containing a distinctive nameplate and a column arrangement that builds white space into each page. Create styles for headlines, subheads and body copy so you can work as efficiently as possible preparing each issue.

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