General Building Requirements

Commercial Interior Space Designing-II 4(1+3)

Lesson 3:Building Codes and Standards

General Building Requirements

Every floor of a flat, apartment or residential accommodation exceeding 150 sq. meters of floor area with a capacity for accommodating more than 20 persons shall have at least 2 doorways as remote as practicable from each other.

At least one stair-case shall be provided as a fire staircase as defined in the National Building Code. This shall not be applicable if any two sides of a staircase are kept totally open to external open air space.

The detailed plan showing the arrangement of pipe lines, booster pumps and water-tanks at various levels shall be submitted for approval of the concerned authority along with the plans and sections of the buildings.

Every building having a height of more than 25 Mts. shall be provided with diesel generators which can be utilized in case of failure of the electricity.

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