Plants In Interior Design

Commercial Interior Space Designing-II 4(1+3)

Lesson 10:Interior landscaping and Environmental Control

Plants In Interior Design

Interior plants transform any room in the home, there is a plant for any location provided there is at least a glimmer of natural light. The choice of plant is obviously a matter of personal choice but generally there are some plants that complement a contemporary scheme and some that suit traditional styles better. Most interior plants, particularly Palms, look good in almost any setting.

Some important things to think about when selecting plants to suit your home are:
  • Location The enviroment in which you place your plant can be important.Don't put plants too close to radiators or cold drafts. Whilst most house plants are tolerant of quite a wide range of conditions and light levels many will not like too much direct sunlight. Check the plant descriptions on this site for details. Good plants for direct sunlight are Beaucarnea, Yucca and Annas (pineapple). Good plants for poorly lit areas are Philodendron, Blechnum and Epipremnum but there are many more.
  • Growth rate Most indoor plants are relatively slow growing but if you do select a faster growing plant make sure that you allow room.
  • Pots and containers Most people prefer to hide the plastic pot inside a container, Think about the shape, colour, size and proportions of the container relative to the plant and your room; the right container really can make all the difference. See our range of containers for more ideas.
  • Grouping plants House plants like garden plants can look stunning when arranged in mixed groups but consider how the colour, size and form of the plants complement each other. Many house plants look fabulous when a number of the same variety of plant are grouped geometrically in same container. this is particularly effective in contemporary designs.

Interior Setting Some plants look stunning when one or two are placed singly along a plain wall. Chose the more architectural species such as Dracena for the best effect. A big blousy plant such as Alocasia Portadora or Spatiphylum "Sensation" will make a unforgetable first impression in your entrance hall.

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