Commercial Interior Space Designing-II 4(1+3)

Lesson 14:Designing Public Space – Cultural Facilities


Culture is a term that includes the knowledge, beliefs, customs and morals of a group .There are many kinds of places that are designed to exhibit cultural characteristics. Museums display artifacts of cultures other than our own, learning how people lived in other times and places, or to see representations of our own way of life and interests. Theaters of many kinds offer us a place to relax and break away from our own lives and watch live performances or, more often, movies that let us escape. Cultural building or structure used for programs or activities involving the arts or other endeavors that encourage refinement or development of the mind. Cultural facilities are places for the creation, production and dissemination of culture and include not only buildings and cultural sites but also digital technologies facilitating the management, operation and accessibility of culture..

Cultural Facilities include:
  1. Library
  2. Theaters
  3. Exhibitions
  4. Museums
  5. Art museums
  6. Visual and performing art centers
  7. Science, technology and transportation museums
  8. Art education facilities
  9. Local and state historical facilities

Location: Cultural facilities should be easily accessible from public transit, parking and public pathways. This creates a good introductory experience for the first time visitor. Since many of these facilities are visited by tourists, there is a need to provide sufficient space for small or large groups. In some of these facilities, like landscapes, specialized gardens, outdoor activities may be the main attraction. Providing year round comfort and access to every functional area should be the key design goal.

Entrances: The entry to a cultural facility is the point of main introduction. Most cultural facilities have important transitional areas through which access is controlled and where ticketing, cloak room, security check and other activities take place.

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