Floor And Floor Treatments 3 (1+2)


Non-porous floors:

There is no point in putting a seal on non-porous floor. It is already water proof and impervious to most household liquids. Even if sealers are applied they soon peel or chip off. Non porous floors are usually the most durable, but they are non-resistant to impact and they break very easily if hard substances dropped on it.

Semi-porous floor:

They are water proof and resistant (non-impervious) to oils and grease. They tend to react badly to spirit solvents such as petrol, paraffin. Most of these semi-porous floor should not be sealed because they damage the finish.

Porous floor:

These are not water proof or grease proof and a likely to stain. If they are sealed they become a non porous surface. The softer and more porous the floor, the more sealer is needed.

Carpets and rugs: Carpets and rugs are soft floor coverings made in a different weaves, fibers, textures and colors.

Carpet is the most luxurious of soft flooring material. They add beauty, comfort and warmth to a room and also absorb sound. The carpet will be warmer and soft with the dense pile and thick pad. Like other flooring materials carpet comes in a number of grades and qualities and produced in various width. Smaller carpets are termed as rugs.

Rugs are handmade with patterns which are very old. The craft of rug making was practiced by the nomadic tribes as well as produced from the factories; usually rugs are used to define areas such as group seating, dining, and conversation areas

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