Housing And Space Management 3(2+1)

Lesson 16 : Designing Service Space - Kitchen


  • There are certain areas in the home responsible for the maintenance of daily living, is termed as “Support spaces” in the sense that they nurture a lifestyle. This includes the place for cooking, pantry, laundry, sewing and space for storing goods for home workshop.
  • A major service space in the house that supports bodily sustenance for family members is kitchen.
  • A kitchen is a roomor part of a room used for cooking and food preparation. It is the nerve center of the house, a place where we cook food, store our food, utensils and provisions, hence it is aptly described as the home maker’s workshop.
  • The main function of a kitchen is cooking or preparing food but it may also be used for dining and entertaining.
  • The comfort, health and happiness of the family mainly depend on the activities carried out in the kitchen.
  • Kitchen should never be a suffocating chamber of pungent smoke irritating the eyes, nose, lungs and also the temper of the housewife. The apartments pose some of the problems such as lack of space and uncomfortable arrangements.
  • It is very essential that one gives enough thought to the kitchen arrangements, since both, the husband and wife go out to work; the time that is spent in the kitchen is very less.

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An efficient kitchen suitable for family needs and way of should be planned with the focus to

  • Convenient work space & access
  • Configuration of basic work centers: countertops, cabinet storage, appliances & food preparation
  • Suitable space standards
  • Plan for efficient task operation
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