Why scientific feeding should be practised?


  • To explore the genetic potential of the Cow, buffalo, Sheep or Goats by feeding a balanced ration to meet the daily nutrient requirements of the animal to perform in terms of weight gain, milk or wool production.

Feeding chopped green fodder for dairy cows Feeding goats under intensive system

  • India possess a huge livestock population
  • There is a deficiency of 11 % in dry fodder, 28 % in concentrates and 35 % in green fodder
  • So a judicious use of available feed resources is possible only through scientific feeding
  • Scientific feeding involves :
    • An understanding of the different nutrients required by livestock for different physiological functions such as maintenance, growth, reproduction, milk production, wool production etc
    • An understanding of the physical and nutrient components of different feed and fodder resources, the nutrients contained in them and how efficiently they are utilized by the animals
    • Formulating balanced rations by combination of different feed and fodder resources to supply the nutrients by livestock for different physiological functions.
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