Course Outlines

Module 1: Instruments and measurement system

Lesson 1. Functions of instruments and measurement system
Lesson 2. Elements of generalized measurement system

Module 2: Classification and selection of instruments

Lesson 3. Classification of instruments
Lesson 4. Analog and digital modes of operation
Lesson 5. Instrument selection criteria and installation procedures

Module 3: Characteristics of instruments and measurement systems

Lesson 6. Static characteristics of measuring instruments – I
Lesson 7. Static characteristics of measuring instruments – II
Lesson 8. Static characteristics of measuring instruments – III
Lesson 9. Dynamic characteristics of measuring instruments

Module 4: Induction type indicating instruments

Lesson 10. Essentials of indicating instruments
Lesson 11. Principle of induction type instruments
Lesson 12. Induction type voltmeter and ammeter
Lesson 13. Induction type wattmeter, watt-hour meter, dynamometer type power factor meter

Module 5: Transducers

Lesson 14. Introduction to sensors and transducers
Lesson 15. Mechanical input transducers
Lesson 16. Electrical transducers: Resistive transducers
Lesson 17. Electrical transducers : Capacitive transducers
Lesson 18. Electrical transducers : Inductive transducers
Lesson 19. Measurement of pressure – I
Lesson 20. Measurement of pressure – II
Lesson 21. Measurement of pressure – III
Lesson 22. Measurement of temperature – I
Lesson 23. Measurement of temperature – II
Lesson 24. Measurement of liquid level
Lesson 25. Measurement of flow
Lesson 26. Measurement of speed and humidity

Module 6: Process control

Lesson 27. Elements of generalized process control
Lesson 28. Control system parameters
Lesson 29. Types of controller modes
Lesson 30. Final control elements and actuators
Lesson 31. Instrumentation and controls in dairy plant
Lesson 32. Instrumentation and controls in CIP and sanitizing

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