Course Outline

Module 1: Production management

Lesson 1. Production management, definition, function and structure of production management
Lesson 2. Production planning & control, work study and measurement of motion and time study

Module 2: Plant operations

Lesson 3. Efficiency factors, losses, Financial and managerial efficiency
Lesson 4. Industrial legislation in India, particularly in dairy industry

Module 3: Personal management

Lesson 5. Manpower planning, recruitment, training transfer, promotions policies
Lesson 6. Job specifications, job evaluation, job enhancement, job enrichment, management by objectives

Module 4: Working conditions

Lesson 7. Safety hazards, hazards prevention
Lesson 8. Security for plant and machinery and the employees

Module 5: Plant maintenance

Lesson 9. Plant maintenance: prevention & break-down maintenance
Lesson 10. Spare parts inventory, tools & lubricants etc.

Module 6: Hygiene

Lesson 11. Food hygiene, personnel hygiene, plant hygiene, Water quality

Module 7: Cleaning and sanitation

Lesson 12. Differentiating cleaning and sanitation; different type of cleaning and sanitizing agents

Module 8: Effluent treatment

Lesson 13. Waste management in dairy industry
Lesson 14. Solid waste management

Module 9: Pollutions and control

Lesson 15. Pollution: causes, and effects, control measures
Lesson 16. Water pollution, causes and effects, control measures

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