Types of Hybridization – Hybrid

Types of HybridizationHybrid

    Plant hybridization can be of two types.

    Intervarietal Hybridization

    • In this type of hybridization, two parents from the same species (may be from two varieties, strains or races of the same species) are crossed.
    • Single Cross Hybrids
    • Double Cross Hybrids
    • Three-way Cross Hybrids
    • Triple Cross Hybrids
    • Top Cross Hybrids

    Single Cross Hybrids

    • Results from the cross between two pure bred lines and produces an F1 generation called an F1 hybrid (F1is short for Filial meaning “first offspring).
    • The cross between two different homozygous lines produces an F1 hybrid that is heterozygous; having two alleles, one contributed by each parent and typically one is dominant and the other recessive.
    • The F1 generation is also homogeneous, producing offspring that are all similar to each other.

    Double Cross Hybrids

    • Result from the cross between two different F1 hybrids.

    Three-way Cross Hybrids

    • Result from the cross between one parent that is an F1 hybrid and the other is from an inbred line.

    Triple Cross Hybrids

    • Result from the crossing of two different three-way cross hybrids.

    Top Cross Hybrids

    • Cross between inbred line and OPV.

    Distant Hybridization (Population hybrids)

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