Procedure for Single Seed Descent Method

Procedure for Single Seed Descent Method
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Single Seed Descent (SSD) Method includes stages as described below
Step Details
Hybridization Crossing of selected parents.
F1 generation F1 seeds grown and bulk harvested.
F2 generation F2 seeds grown. One seed from each plant is selected randomly and mixed.
F3 generation F3 seeds are grown and harvested as above.
F4 and F5 generation The similar procedure as above is carried out.
F6 generation F6 seeds are planted. Selection for superior plants is conducted and selected ones are harvested separately. Number of plants could range from150 to 500.
F7 generation The main point in this step is individual plant progenies are grown and selected progenies are harvested in bulk.
F8 generation Preliminary yield trials and quality tests are conducted.
F9 to F10 or F13 generation Co-ordinated yield trials and tests for resistance and quality are conducted.
F11 of F14 generation Seed multiplication for distribution

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