What is Mutation?
  • It refers to the sudden heritable change in the phenotype of an individual. In other words, mutations arise due to change in DNA bases.
  • Hugo de Vries introduced the term Mutation in 1990. In 1927, Muller - showed that x-ray induce genetic deviants in Drosophila In 1928, Stadler-reported high mutation rates in x-rayed maize and barley.
  • In 1910 Morgan discovered white eye mutant in Drosophila by.
  • Changes in the nucleotide involves replacement of one Purine by another Purine viz.,
  • Adinine substituted by Guanine or vice versa. G or one Pyrimidine by another Pyrimidine viz., Thymine substituted by Cytosine or Uracil.
  • Changes in the nucleotide involves Substitution (Adenine by Thymine, Cytocyine by Thymine or vice versa)of a Purine by a Pyrimidine .
Mutations occur in two main ways.
  1. By alteration in nuclear DNA (Point mutations)
  2. By change in cytoplasmic DNA (Cytoplasmic mutations)

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