Growing energy demands

Lesson 6: Energy resources

Growing energy demands

  • Modern agriculture uses chemical fertilizers, which require large amounts of energy during their manufacture

  • Various gadgets in household sector require to use both renewable and non-renewable energy.

  • Industry uses energy to manufacturing processes.

  • Energy demanding roads and railway lines are built to transport products from place to place and to reach raw materials in mines and forests.

  • Almost 2 billion people will require electrical energy and those who have access will continue to increase their individual requirements.
  • Between 1900-2000 world energy consumption has increased by a factor of 14 times while the population has increased only by 3 times.

  • Fossil fuels (eg: coal, oil and gas) were used in 19th and 20th century. Today’s energy options include fossil fuels, nuclear energy, solar energy and renewable fuels.
  • India’s oil demand has raised more than twice domestic output.

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