The Role of the Individual

Lesson 32: Role of information and technology

The Role of the Individual

This course is designed to provide you with information that will help you develop opinions and beliefs on critical questions. Informed citizens tend to make informed decisions.

The eight natural resources are all necessary for providing the basic needs of humans: food, clothing, and shelter. Our very lives depend on clean air and water. Our ability to feed ourselves rests on maintaining the fertility of the soil in which we plant our crops. Crops will grow only if sufficient sunlight and water are available. Modern society depends on fossil fuels for industrial energy. Natural resources form an unbroken chain of support for us, and it is not difficult to imagine the problems that would arise from the loss of any link in this chain.

The wise use of our natural resources is important because our survival depends on these resources. This is why we think this course is important. During your study time with us, we hope to raise questions that provoke real and thoughtful responses from you. No question is more important than how to use our resources. Our population, which grows at a fantastic rate, is what drives many decisions on the use of natural resources.

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