Factors considered while selecting the door fittings

Fittings, Fixtures And Services 3(1+2)

Lesson 02 : Door and window fittings

Factors considered while selecting the door fittings

Quality: The door decorative accessories must also be of good quality so that they are durable and serve the purpose for which they are used. Your entry door hardware is of no use if it cannot provide you the security you want. So the selection of hardware fittings also calls for proper quality besides style. Look for products that are well made and robust and also attractive.

Popularity: A good choice of door hardware fittings can add a touch of class to a room and the entire home. The hardware fittings should be contemporary and elegant. The range of patterns and styles is huge. A little planning and fore thought can create a lasting impression of your house. Besides being fashionable, they are functional and hence nowadays a great importance is given on these fittings.

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