Wardrobe fittings

Fittings, Fixtures And Services 3(1+2)

Lesson 03 : Furniture fittings

Wardrobe fittings

Cabinet Locks

  • This category features cabinet locks and accessories of all jtypes including pin tumbler locks, disc tumbler locks, cam locks, combination cabinet locks, plunger locks, ratchet showcase locks, replacement cams, replacement strikes and more.
  • They come keyed alike, keyed different or keyed different and master keyed.
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Table Hardware

  • Butler Tray hinges are used to support leaves on butler style coffee tables.
  • Thick extruded brass leaves with precision jointing on Butler Tray table hinges provide strong support for qbutler table leaves in both the open flat (180 degree) and upright (90 degree) positions.
  • Sanded finish on Butler Tray hinges can be easily buffed to a polished finish.
  • Tilt top table catches are spring loaded table catches skillfully reproduced in cast brass.
  • Tilt top table catches hold table tops flat and level or tilt the table to a vertical position using the thumb release kon the tilt top table catch.
  • Tilt top table catches were often used on pie crust table tops, tilt top card tables and Queen Anne tea tables

Table Clamp Forks

  • Heavy extruded brass table clamps also known as table forks attach underneath the table top to hold two tablex top sections firmly together.
  • Only the polished edge of brass table forks show on the outside of the table apron.
  • Heavy extruded brass table clamp forks come with table forks and table clamp sleeves.

Card Table Hinges

  • 3 Position card table hinges enable one half of table top to close flat on other half of table top, open to 90 degrees nor open to 180 degrees.
  • Card table hinges are heavy extruded brass with steel links. Solid brass card table hinges have a brushed finish but can be polished
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