Glass break detector

Fittings, Fixtures And Services 3(1+2)

Lesson 07 : Safety fittings-locking system and remote control

Glass break detector

A glass break detector is a device that detects a break in a pane of glass, alerting a burglar alarm. If it detects broken glass, and the alarm is set, then it sets off the alarm. Acoustic Glass break Detectors employ a microphone, which "listens" for the sound(s) created by breaking glass. These sounds are typically recorded, digitized and then compared to a library of other sounds/events to determine if in fact glass was broken or a false alarm occurred. Most of the sensors detect opening of a door, window or breakage of glass or movement of human beings. The vibration detector can be fitted to windows, door frames, walls, ceilings etc.

Locking system: Door security:

Door security relates to prevention of door-related burglaries. Such break-ins take place in various forms, and in a number of locations; ranging from front, back and side doors to garage doors.
Door security devices are:
1. Door alarms
2. Dead bolt
3. Door strike reinforce
4. Door chains
5. Internal lock
6. Door viewers
7. Door windows
8. Hinge screws
9. Sliding door

Remote control

  1. Wireless Alarms
    Wireless Alarms offer you the benefit of a usual alarm system with features that are unique to a wireless device. They come in a variety of models to serve different security purposes. For example, wireless alarms for doors can detect a person or object that is coming near your home whereas fire alarms have detectors to alert you to an occurrence of smoke or fire the moment it starts to happen. Among the category of various alarm systems for security, wireless burglar alarms are the most popular owing to their usefulness in keeping burglars and thieves away from a protected area.
  2. Wireless Cameras
    Wireless Cameras offer greater flexibility and improved technology to the contemporary security and surveillance requirements of your home, office or store. They have obvious advantage over wired cameras, which require an elaborate installation for proper functioning. There is also a significant cut in the expenditure when you opt to go wireless. Wireless camera system is particularly useful in places of temporary security requirement, such as pools and other makeshift outdoor locations.
  3. Wireless Security Cameras
    Wireless security cameras are ideal for areas where constant monitoring is not required. It is also convenient to carry these cameras along with you when you relocate to other places. Wireless cameras are smaller than the wired ones and can be safely hidden from public eyes at places where inconspicuous security set up is required. Moreover, they come with a wide variety of features to allow you to choose according to your specific requirement.
    To install, to mount the camera at an indoor or outdoor location and plug our video receiver into a video console, such as TV, VCR or computer. These cameras require the power of battery for operation and keep you safe even when there is no electric power. Some wireless cameras come with night vision capability allowing you to view and record things that might happen during dark hours. Some others are equipped with audio features to help you hear the conversation among the people being watched.
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