Fundamentals of Art and Design 3(1+2)

Lesson :13 PICTURES


Pictures are used as accessories and as objects of decoration on wall, tables, mantles etc. Pictures add charm, individuality, vitality and also depict the personality of the owners. They reveal the interiors and tastes of the inmates.

Goldstein. H and Goldstein V. 1954, opines that A good picture should stimulate the imagination in such a way that the observer is permitted to share an artist's mood and see the inner meaning of the subject he interpreted. Appreciating art is to them a form of self expression which gives the same sort of satisfaction as another may gain by the actual creation of something beautiful

Selecting appropriate pictures, arranging, grouping and hanging the pictures over well chosen/ suitable back ground is an art to be learnt by experience in order to beautify the living environments, (Fig 13.1) for which tips and guidelines are given under various headings and pictures wherever possible


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