Fundamentals of Art and Design 3(1+2)



It is important that the meals are served as attractively as possible, so that the family members enjoy the meals. The table equipment such as flat ware, glassware and serving bowls need not be very expensive, but one can select aesthetically appealing and functionally sound table ware. Clean attractive table linen and aesthetically chosen dinner ware with properly arranged table setting makes meals enjoyable.

Table ware consists of flat ware, the dishes and the serving equipment. These are available in pottery, semi porcelain, and plasticware such as melamine, stainless steel, silver or cromium plated. This equipment should be kept clean and in good shape. One can reserve some of these for special occasion to maintain their luster.

When the table is set it should appear balanced as well as harmonious. Colors and masses should balance from one end of the table to other and from side to side. A brightly colored jelly or relish might be placed at one end of the table to balance a large amount of duller color at the other end. Sparkle and interest are gained balancing colors in this manner.

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