Diaper and diaper cover

Lesson 14 : Clothing Requirements of Infants

Diaper and diaper cover

Diapers are the first item to be considered in a baby’s wardrobe. It is essential that diapers be soft, absorbent, easily washed, and quick drying.

There are five main types of diapers

  • Bird’s eye: Made from fairly heavy fabric & woven with small geometric designs. It is bulky and dries slowly but lasts longer than others
  • Flannel: Made from flannel cloth, they tend to be bulkier than bird’s eye. They take a longer time to dry.
  • Gauze: They are made from two layers of gauze cotton material. They are light in weight, very absorbent and dry quickly.
  • Knit: Made from knitted material, these diapers stretch to fit the body and do not require folding. It prevents the bulk between the legs a problem seen with other diapers.
  • Disposable: Made from paper like disposable material and is available in pin-on, pad and diaper liner types. Diaper liners are made from soft cloth like cheesecloth.

Diaper covers are made from plastic or other water proof material. They should be loose and cut in such a way that it allows air circulation. They should not be tight as it might lead to rashes on the baby’s body. They should not be worn more than necessary. Waterproof pants come in three styles: all rubber that fits close to the body, bloomer with elastic around the legs and waist, tailored or gripper type made with plastic lining and grip fasteners at the sides. Diaper covers prevent the bed clothing from becoming wet.

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