6.5.1 Geometric Mean

6.5.1 Geometric Mean

Geometric mean of a set of n observations is the nth root of their product. Thus the geometric mean, G, of n observations xi, i=1,2 …. n is

G = (x1 x2 …… xn) 1/n

The computation is facilitated by the use of logarithms. Taking logarithm on both sides, we get


G=antilog $${1\over n}\sum^n_{i=1}\log x_{i}$$

In case of frequency distribution xi/fi, (I = 1, 2 ……n) geometric mean, G is given by


Taking logarithm of both sides, we get



Thus we see that logarithm of G is the arithmetic mean of the logarithms of the given values. We get

G=antilog bvhj

In the case of grouped or continuous frequency distribution, x is taken to be the value corresponding to the mid-points of the classes.

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