Course Outline

Module 1: Communication process

Lesson 1. Concept, nature and significance of communication Process
Lesson 2. Types of communication
Lesson 3. Models of communication
Lesson 4. Verbal and non-verbal communication
Lesson 5. Barriers to communication

Module 2: Basic communication skills

Lesson 6. Introduction to communication skills: Oral presentation
Lesson 7. Reading, listening and note-taking skills
Lesson 8. Writing skills: Field diary and laboratory record

Module 3: Technical skills for effective communication

Lesson 9. Technical and scientific writing/reporting
Lesson 10. Forms of scientific and technical writing
Lesson 11. Features and style of technical writing
Lesson 12. Mechanics of style: Abbreviations; Footnotes; Indexing and Bibliographic procedures
Lesson 13. Precis writing /Abstracting/Summarizing
Lesson 14. Curriculum Vitae/ Resume writing

Module 4: Oral communication and organizational skills

Lesson 15. Impromptu presentation and extempore
Lesson 16. Individual/group presentations; Group discussion
Lesson 17. Organizing seminar and conferences
Lesson 18. Public speaking

Module 5: Structural and functional grammar

Lesson 19. Sentence structure
Lesson 20. Modifiers, connecting words and verbals; Phrases and clauses
Lesson 21. Case: Subjective case; Possessive case; Objective case
Lesson 22. Correct usage of Nouns
Lesson 23. Correct usage of Pronouns and Antecedents
Lesson 24. Correct usage of Adjectives
Lesson 25. Correct usage of Adverbs
Lesson 26. Correct usage of Articles
Lesson 27. Agreement of Verb with the subject: Tense, Mood, Voice
Lesson 28. Effective Sentences
Lesson 29. Basic Sentence Faults

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