Course Outline

Module 1: Introduction to Computer Programming

Lesson 1. Problem solving with computer programming – Part I (Algorithms and flowcharts).
Lesson 2. Problem solving with computer programming – Part II (Pseudo codes and analysis of algorithms).
Lesson 3. Concepts of programming language.

Module 2: Basic Components of ‘C’ Programming Language

Lesson 4. Characteristics of ‘C’ language.
Lesson 5. Data types in ‘C’.
Lesson 6. Input/output statements in ‘C’.
Lesson 7. Operators and expressions – Part I (Arithmetic, assignment and relational operators).
Lesson 8. Operators and expressions – Part II (Logical and bitwise operators).

Module 3: Control Statements

Lesson 9. Simple and compound statements.
Lesson 10. Decision control statements.
Lesson 11. Loop control statements – Part I (while, do...while and for loops).
Lesson 12. Loop control statements – Part II (Nesting of control statements).

Module 4: Functions

Lesson 13. Functions in ‘C’ – Part I (Declaration, prototypes, parameter passing and access).
Lesson 14. Functions in ‘C’ – Part II (Library functions and recursion).

Module 5: Arrays

Lesson 15. Arrays in ‘C’ – Part I (Single-dimensional arrays: declaring arrays and assigning initial values).
Lesson 16. Arrays in ‘C’ – Part II (Multi-dimensional arrays and pointers)

Module 6: Structures and Unions

Lesson 17. Structures and unions.

Module 7: File Handling

Lesson 18. File handling in ‘C’.

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