Course Outline

Module 1. Basic concept of economics

Lesson 1. Introduction to Economics
Lesson 2. Human Wants: Importance Features and Classification
Lesson 3. Basic Terms Part-I
Lesson 4. Basic Terms Part- II
Lesson 5. Theory of Consumer Behaviour

Module 2. Theory of demand

Lesson 6. Law of Demand
Lesson 7. Demand Schedule, Demand Function, Determinants of Demand
Lesson 8. Types of demand
Lesson 9. Demand Forecasting
Lesson 10. Elasticity of Demand – Meaning, Price Elasticity
Lesson 11. Income Elasticity and Cross ElasticityIncome Elasticity and Cross Elasticity

Module 3. Theory of production

Lesson 12. Concept of Firm and Industry

Lesson 13. Production Function for a Single Product
Lesson 14. Basic Factors of Production and their role: Land, Labour and Capital
Lesson 15. Law of Return

Module 4. Concepts of costs

Lesson 16. Fixed and Variable Costs, Average and Marginal Costs
Lesson 17. Short run and long run costs, Cost curves and their shapes
Lesson 18. Economies and Diseconomies of Scale

Module 5. Concepts of market

Lesson 19. Classification of Market
Lesson 20. Perfect Competition
Lesson 21. Monopoly
Lesson 22. Oligopoly
Lesson 23. Monopolistic Competition

Module 6. National income

Lesson 24. National Income
Lesson 25. Personal Income
Lesson 26. Methods used for measuring of national income
Lesson 27. Difficulties in Measurement of National Income
Lesson 28. Is GNP a good measure of economic well being?

Module 7. Outlook of dairy industry

Lesson 29. Economic Features of Dairy Sector in India
Lesson 30. Characteristics of Dairy Sector in India
Lesson 31. Dairy Development Strategy with Special Emphasis in Post-Independence Era
Lesson 32. Dairy Development and Operation Flood Programme

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