Course Outline

Module 1: Overview of IT applications in Dairy Industry

Lesson 1. Information technology: Importance and applications in dairy industry

Module 2: Information Systems

Lesson 2. Data, Information and Knowledge
Lesson 3. Types of information system
Lesson 4. Knowledge management systems

Module 3: Systems Analysis and Design

Lesson 5. Systems development approaches
Lesson 6. Systems analysis and design
Lesson 7. Project management tools

Module 4: Database Systems

Lesson 8. Introduction to databases
Lesson 9. Database structures
Lesson 10. Relational databases

Module 5: Principles of Communication

Lesson 11. Communication principles
Lesson 12. Communication channels
Lesson 13. Communication systems

Module 6: Process Control and Automation

Lesson 14. Process control System
Lesson 15. Plant automation
Lesson 16. Dairy process modeling and simulation
Lesson 17. Special instruments for the dairy industry

Module 7: Role of Computers in Optimization

Lesson 18. Role of computers in optimization

Appendix: Case Studies

A. System analysis for milk procurement and billing system
B. System analysis for inventory control
C. Database design for milk procurement and billing system
D. Database design for milk marketing system

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