Syllabus - Theory

  • World trade of ornamental fish and export potential.
  • Different varieties of exotic and indigenous fishes.
  • Principles of a balanced aquarium.
  • Fabrication, setting up and maintenance of freshwater and marine aquarium.
  • Water filtration system – biological, mechanical and chemical.
  • Types of filters.
  • Aquarium plants and their propagation methods.
  • Lighting and aeration.
  • Aquarium accessories and decoratives.
  • Aquarium fish feeds.
  • Dry, wet and live feeds.
  • Breeding and rearing of ornamental fishes.
  • Broodstock management.
  • Application of genetics and biotechnology for producing quality strains.
  • Management practices of ornamental fish farms.
  • Common diseases and their control.
  • Conditioning, packing, transport and quarantine methods.
  • Trade regulations and wild life act in relation to ornamental fishes.
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