Course Outline

Module 1: Introduction to animal husbandry

Lesson 1. Introduction, common terms and definitions in animal husbandry.

Module 2: Breeds of cattle and buffaloes

Lesson 2. Distinguishing characters of indian cattles.
Lesson 3. Buffalo breeds.

Module 3: Systems of breeding

Lesson 4. Inbreeding–out breeding–cross breeding–grading – out crossing hybridization–criss crossing–rotational crossing or triple crossing– back crossing – test cross.
Lesson 5. Methods of selection of dairy animals – individual selection – pedigree selection – progeny testing – family selection.

Module 4: General dairy farm practices

Lesson 6. Identification, dehorning, castration, exercising, grooming, weighing, farm records – maintenance.
Lesson 7. Care, management of life stages of dairy animals.

Module 5: Mammary system

Lesson 8. Structure and function of mammary system, milk secretion and milk letdown.

Module 6: Milking

Lesson 9. Methods of milking – manual –mull hand – knuckling –stripping.
Lesson 10. Milking procedure practices for quality milk production.

Module 7: Maintenance of hygiene and sanitation

Lesson 11. Housing – loose housing, stanchion barn - advantages of each system.
Lesson 12. Merits and demerits of head to head and tail to tail stanchion barn.

Module 8: Reproductive system of dairy animals

Lesson 13. Male and female reproductive system.

Module 9: Feeding of dairy animals

Lesson 14. Feed nutrients required by animal body, feed resources for milk production, nutritive value.
Lesson 15. Digestive system of ruminants measures of feed energy nutrient requirement for growth and milk production feeding standards.

Module 10: Diseases of dairy animals

Lesson 16. Common diseases in dairy animals, prevention and control.

Module 11: Maintenance of hygiene and sanitation at dairy farm premises

Lesson 17. Types of sanitizers and disinfectants, sanitation of milking parlour equipment, sheds.

Module 12: Biotechnology in dairy animal production

Lesson 18. Cloning, transgenic animals, embryo sexing etc.

Module 13: Population and production statistics

Lesson 19. Cattle and buffalo population and its distribution, trends in population growth, productivity profile of indigenous dairy stock.
Lesson 20. Estimates of milk production.

Module 14: Dairy development in India: phases and schemes

Lesson 21. Five year plans and dairy development.
Lesson 22. Key village scheme and its limitation, intensive cattle development programme: concept, approach and achievements.
Lesson 23. National Dairy Development Board (NDDB): aims and objectives, policy orientation in dairy development, pioneering role of military dairy farms.
Lesson 24. Operation Flood I, II and III, Its programme outlay implementation success, achievement.
Lesson 25. Co-operative dairy organizations: anand pattern and perspectives.
Lesson 26. New developments for improvement of dairy cooperative organizations, dairy development corporations: producer companies act.
Lesson 27. Catalytic action of international aid, major aided dairy projects, self reliance in dairy development.

Module 15: Functioning pattern of Indian dairying

Lesson 28. Socio economic and geographic features of Indian dairying.
Lesson 29. Integrated infrastructure of milk production: public sector dairy/milk supply schemes, and strategies of cattle development and policies.

Module 16: Dairy manufacturing sector, its status and problems

Lesson 30. Milk product manufacture in private sector, industrial by-products of livestock industry, and import substitutions in dairy products.
Lesson 31. Economic burden performance analysis: income and employment potential.
Lesson 32. Dairy problems; resource inadequacy, post partition pressure, strategies and policies.

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