The major objectives of this course are to make the user to learn the following

  • What are cereal fodders, grass fodders, legume fodders and tree fodders?
  • What are the agronomical practices to cultivate those fodders?
  • How to preserve those fodders in the form of silage and hay making?
  • What are the scientific methods to manage grasslands to keep it in productive state for grazing?
  • What are the methods to enrich the crop residues?
  • What is intercropping and what are the methods of intercropping fodder crops?
  • How to recycle the livestock wastes for profitable utilization as manure and for energy?
  • What is soil erosion and what are the various methods to conserve soil and water?
  • What are the various types of farm machinery and other tools and implements useful for fodder production?
  • What is farm power and what are the advanatages and disadvantages of animal, human, electrical, and renewable sources of farm power?
  • What are the methods of irrigation and drainage for fodder production?
  • What are the various farm records to be kept in a fodder farm?
  • How to work out the cost benefit ratio of cultivating fodder crops?
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