Sylvipasture system


  • The silvipastrol system involves production of forage grasses and legumes with multiple purpose trees used initially under cut and carry system and later on grazed in situ.
  • The current land use statistics show more than one- third of the land area as wastelands needing early attention for their development to meet the growing shortage of forage/grazing, firewood and healthy environment.
  • It becomes still more important when we cannot increase the area under fodder crops due to growing demand for food of human population.
  • Thus, under present circumstances it is essential to follow an integrated approach of growing trees and forage grasses and legumes simultaneously on the same land under sylvipastoral system of farming - which is closer to the natural approach and is ecologically sound.
  • It has three major components:
    • The trees: Conserve land and ameliorate climate in arid and semi- arid regions, besides their forage, fuel and timber value
    • Animals: Milk, meat, energy, manure, etc.
    • Occasional cash crops: Income for farmers.

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