• Water is essential for human, animal and plant life. It is a part of all organisms and some of the organisms contain more than 90% of water. It is an essential part of protoplasm and photosynthesis. Water is also required for translocation of nutrients and dissipation of heat.
  • About 400 to 500 litres of water is necessary for the production of a kilo of plant dry matter. Biomass (Plant dry matter)¬†production is vital for increasing green fodder productivity.
  • Soil water is depleted due to evaporation from soil surface, transpiration through the plant and deep percolation into the soil beyond the root zone. Water availability to crops is reduced gradually and plants are subjected to moisture stress. Root growth is reduced due to high mechanical resistance of dry soil. In order to favour root plant growth, water should be supplemented through irrigation.
  • Irrigation is the artificial application of water to soil to supplement rainfall for crop production.
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