LESSON 9. Machinery and Implements Shed

1.1 Introduction

Farm implements and machineries vary from to farm.  Any a common storage shed for these are essential to protect them from weathering action. The sheds Need  no enclosure no all sides.  Hence  angle iron posts or masonry pillars may be provided for supporting the corrugated sheet roofing.  A lean to roof with a rear end enclosures or gabled roof with only end enclosures to support the Roof may also be adopted.    

A raised ground itself serves serves as satisfactory flooring. But for cleanliness well packed gravel flooring will be sufficient. Ramps should be provided to allow movement of machineries  over the floor. Where a separate workshop is not provided on a farm, necessary platforms, benches etc., may be provided in the machinery shed  itself to facilitate cleaning. Servicing and  repair works of the farm machineries.

Fig.6.1. implements shed for the smaller farm

 Table.6.1. average space requirements of farm implements and machinery.

M4 Lesson 9 table1

M4 Lesson 9 table2



Medium power wheel tractors 2.4 m (8 ft.) over exhaust and air intake pipe.  Tract sugar beet equipment 2.1 m over exhaust and air intake pipe.

Complete harvester                          3 m

Grass equipment                             In metres

Pick up baler                                    2.4

Stationary baler                                3.0

Green crop loader                             3.6

Elevator (folded)                               2.4

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