• Lean meat is an excellent source of B-complex group of vitamins.
  • Fat-soluble vitamin¬†found in meat is associated with body fat.
  • Vitamin C is almost absent in lean meat, although certain organs contain it in minor quantities.
  • Among the B-complex group of vitamins thiamine, riboflavin and niacin are present in high concentrations .
  • It may be noted that pork surpasses several meats with regard to B-complex vitamins are concerned.
  • In fact, lean pork has 5-10 times more thiamine than other meats.
  • It has been noted that in monogastric animals like pigs, intake of vitamins in feed is directly reflected in their tissues.
  • Several organ meats have slightly less protein and fat than skeletal meats.
  • However, these are quite often more economical sources of protein and vitamins than retail cuts of skeletal meats.
  • Liver is a rich source of iron, riboflavin, niacin and vitamin.
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