Duties of AWO (Animal Welfare Officers)


  1. An AWO (Animal Welfare Officer) should have a thorough knowledge of all the Animal Welfare Laws and especially the following laws:
  2. The AWO is not an enforcement person. The holding of AWO Card does not entitle to take direct law enforcement action such as raids, checking of premises, stopping of vehicle on roads etc. You are an assisting Hony. Animal Welfare Officer, an assisting person & entitled to lodge a police compliant in the event of any cruelty being seen or reported to you. The AWO in case wish to inspect any illicit slaughter house/premises etc. he will be authorized specifically by AWBI on request from him. In the event of any cruelty being seen or reported you are requested to take the assistance of Police/Authorities concerned in additional to informing to the Board over telephone 044–24454958/24454935/e-mail:awbi@md3.vsnl.net.in/fax 044-24454330.
  3. The Honorary Animal Welfare Officer is expected to prevent illicit slaughter and if any report of illicit slaughter is made, the case must be immediately reported to the concerned authorities and care should be taken to make sure that the illegal slaughtering is immediately stopped
  4. Cruelties to animals during transportation are often severe and the AWO should immediately report incidents of cruelty to the authorities and ensure that strict legal action is enforced on the offenders.
5th point may be deleted as it is repeated
  1. During natural calamites, the AWO must network with like-minded people in the neighborhood and organize for (pl delete for) immediate rescue operations and emergency relief for the helpless animals.
  1. An important duty of an AWO is to make sure that animals like bears and monkeys are not used as performing animals in the neighborhood and not subjected to cruelty and suffering
  1. Preventing the suffering that bullocks, horses, donkeys and camels undergo when used for draught energy, through sensitization and education of the animal owners is a key responsibility that AWOs must fulfill with complete dedication.
  1. The AWO must do his or her best to prevent the misuse and abuse of oxytocin in milking animals by educating the dairy farmers
  1. Participation in coordinating or organizing training programs for villagers on setting up self sustaining gaushalas is a task that AWOs must execute sincerely.
  1. The AWO is expected to organize first aid, veterinary care, food and shelter for sick and destitute animals
  1. Attention towards the proper care and management of birds and fish maintained in aviaries and aquaria and prevention of cruelty is another important duty that AWOs must vigilantly carry out.
  1. The AWO is expected to be thorough with the PCA act, rules and regulations & he/she should be able to conduct training programs on legislation issues in animal welfare for police personnel and lawyers.
  1. It is expected that AWOs organize mobile clinics and veterinary camps for stray animals and for animals belonging to poor people, especially in areas where veterinary services are not available
  1. The AWO is expected to sensitize the community and take appropriate remedial measures to prevent cruelty to animals from happening – eg.animal sacrifice, Jallikattu, bull fights, cock fights and ram fights.
  1. Establishing good rapport with the press and electronic media to create extensive public awareness on animal welfare issues is another key role that an AWO should carry out diligently.
  1. The use of animals by the entertainment industry should be vigilantly monitored by the AWO by attending the film shoots and being physically present at religious and social events where animals are brought together to prevent cruelty to animals.
  1. AWOs are expected to keep close liaison with law enforcement agencies such as Police, Forest, Customs & Excise, etc. for effective enforcement of animal welfare laws and work in close co-ordination with Members of Animal Welfare Board of India, General Public and Animal Welfare Organisations of the area to promote animal welfare in the country.
  1. AWO is not entitled to collect any fine or accept cash from offenders. Such action will amount to bribery. Any AWO found to collect fine or money will be penalized through legal action and FIR will be lodged in addition to cancellation of AWO ID Card
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