• Copper is found in all tissues of our body. It is an essential element in the formation of haemoglobin. About 100-150mg of copper is present in the human body.
    • The brain, liver, heart and kidney contain the highest amounts.
    • In the blood, copper is present in the plasma and RBC.
    • Copper is absorbed rapidly into the blood.
    • Copper is a component to certain enzymes in our body.
    • It is part of the enzyme cytochrome oxidase (essential for glucose metabolism) and tyrosinase, (necessary for converting the amino acid tyrosine to melanin, the dark pigment of the skin).
    • Copper stimulates the absorption of iron.
    • Copper is a constituent of the elastic connective tissue protein elastin.

    • Copper deficiency is not common in human beings.
    • In malnourished persons iron is not absorbed properly and anaemia occurs.
    • Premature babies fed on cow’s milk develop anaemia due to copper and iron deficiency.

    Good sources: Sorghum, bajra, raw rice, whole grams, cow pea, dried peas, red gram, drumstick and organ meat like kidney.
    Richest sources: liver

    • Adult -2mg per day
    • Pregnancy and lactation -3mg per day
    • Infants (0-12months) - 0.5-1.0mg per day
    • Children -2gm per day
    • Adolescents -3gm per day

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