Protection of wild life in nature and captivity


Wildlife Conservation Division

  • This Division deals with all matters relating to national parks and wildlife sanctuaries not covered by the Project Tiger and the Project Elephant Divisions.
  • The X Five Year Plan outlay for works relating to this Division is of the order of Rs 485 crores. The Division also acts as a nodal point for the Wildlife Institute of India and the Central Zoo Authority, which are autonomous bodies under the administrative control of the Government of India.
  • The two organizations receive support from the Government of India in the form of grants processed by the Wildlife Division. The details on these two bodies are given separately.
  • The Division also handles the Centrally Sponsored Scheme “Development of National Parks and Sanctuaries” and the Central Sector Scheme “Strengthening of Wildlife Division and Consultancies for Wildlife Conservation.”
  • The Wild Life (Protection) Act, 1972 has been amended with effect from 1 April 2003. The amendments include, inter-alia, provisions that flow from the National Wildlife Action Plan adopted by the country in 2002.
  • Two new categories of protected areas, namely Conservation Reserves and Community Reserves, have been incorporated in the amended Act to facilitate coverage of all biogeographic zones, forest types and wild species of flora and fauna, and peoples’ involvement in establishment and management of such protected areas.
  • The amendment has also facilitated the issue of certificates of ownership to the bona-fide possessors of animals, animal articles, trophies, etc., derived from animals listed in Schedule I and part II of Schedule II of the Act, who had not been able to declare their possessions earlier.
  • The law has become stricter for the offenders. It also makes clear that PAs which have areas that have had rights extinguished under any legislation, will be deemed to be finally notified (Sections 26-A(b) and Explanation U/S 35(8) of the Act)
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