Circus animals


  • Wild animals have no place in a crowded city, and certainly not in a cage. They are genetically adapted to a particular life style, and have their own habits of eating food, marking their territory, socializing, etc. The concept of a zoo ruins all this natural behavioral aspects, under the pretext of education. Worst is the case of 'circus' animals, who are not only deprived of their natural lifestyle, but they are also made to walk on their hind legs, ride a motor-cycle, etc. It has been amply proved that while animals cannot speak or complain, they can most certain feel the humiliation, through which they are put, by forcing them into such acts before large crowds. The monkeys are closest to humans and have intelligence of a related child. When we cannot imagine putting a retarded child through such trauma, how can we permit such treatment to an animal that is equally intelligent, but totally helpless?
  • The circus trade is inherently sinful and gives wrong signals to children. They teach children to look at fellow living creatures merely as objects of pleasure and entertainment. There is absolutely no education in all this.
  • Animals working in a circus are tortured all their lives. They are forced to perform on stage for an audience who is least bothered of their pain. Wild animals like tigers, lions, elephants, etc., are forced to perform shows and look fierce to keep the audience captured with awe. No one ever notices the tight collars, the whips lashing on their bodies, beatings and deprivation of food. Have you ever gone backstage and had a look at the living conditions that these animals are kept in? It is against their wild nature to jump around prancing like a kitten. And when an animal cannot take the torture anymore, he attacks the abusers. These animal abusers are then labeled victims and the poor animal is shot dead. The old, sick and weak animals who cannot perform anymore are sold off to people who too are looking for a fast buck. These animals are killed in the most gruesome way, one cannot even imagine. Their fur, body parts, bones are sold off illegally. Few are sold off illegally in pet trade to people who have no idea about their care. These poor animals are either abandoned or further abused by the ignorant pet owners.
Last modified: Tuesday, 5 June 2012, 4:35 AM