Breeding Soundness Examination of the Dog



  • The identification is not only important for the medical records, but is essential in the case of a pre-purchase examination.
  • Failure to positively identify an animal could cause legal problems in the future.


  • Has the dog ever been bred?
  • Has he ever sired a litter? If has bred, but never sired a litter, you may consider congenital infertility.
  • If he has sired litters, and is now infertile you may consider acquired infertility.
  • Frequency of use
  • Every other day breeding is usually acceptable.
  • Breeding more than that may be overusing the dog.
  • Has there been any exogenous drug therapy (testosterone etc.)?
  • What is the dog's habitat?
  • Is he in a kennel?
  • Is he housed with bitch? If so, the bitch may be dominant.
  • Is he 'mommies little boy', who has not had any canine contact?
  • Has he had any exposure to sex?
  • Has he been punished for showing sexual interest?
  • Has his libido changed?
  • Has he ever been shown?
  • Does he have any endocrine disease?

Physical Exam

General exam

  • Look for signs of endocrine problems.
  • Check for any congenital disorders that would make him an unsuitable potential breeder.
  • Reproductive Exam
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