Submission of specimens for Histopathological examination


  • Histo pathological examination in many cases is helpful in diagnosing the cause of death. Tissues for histo pathological examination should be preserved. The tissues must be fixed as soon as they are removed from the animal.
  • The ideal fixing agent should quickly penetrate the tissue and preserve it for longer period.
  • Different fixing agents are
    • Formaldehyde
    • Alcohol (Ethanol)
    • Mercuric chloride
    • Chromates
    • Osmic acid
    • Picric acid
  • Most common fixative used is 10 per cent formalin.
  • Specimen taken for H.P. examination should be representative of the lesion and should include some of the normal tissues.
  • Specimen should be cut in size of 0.5 to 1cm thick and placed in the fixative which is 10 times the volume of the tissue.
  • The labeled bottles are then packed carefully to prevent leakage or breakage.
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