Preparing livestock for slaughter


  • At the time of slaughter, animals should be healthy and physiologically normal. Slaughter animals should be adequately rested. They should be rested, preferably overnight, particularly if they have travelled for some times over long distances. However, pigs and poultry are usually slaughtered on arrival as time and distances travelled are relatively short and holding in pens is stressful for them. Animals should be watered during holding and can be fed, if required. The holding period allows for injured and victimised animals to be identified and for sick animals to be quarantined.
  • When ready for slaughter, animals should be driven to the stunning area in a quiet and orderly manner without undue fuss and noise. Droving can be facilitated using flat canvass straps , rolled plastic or paper, and in the case of stubborn animals, prodders can be used occasionally. Animals should never be beaten nor have their tails twisted. Animals should be led in single file into the stunning area where they can be held in appropriate restraining device(s) before stunning.
Last modified: Tuesday, 5 June 2012, 11:05 AM