• Introduced by American trainers in 1903 Administration of drugs to act as a stimulant before racing dates.
  • Doping was defined as the administration to a horse a short time before race, of certain substances capable of exciting the physical and nervous impulses of the animal, before and during the race, by an artificial action produced on the nervo muscular system.
  • Doping originated from an old Dutch word, doop indicating any thick liquid used as an lubricant or excitant
  • Doping is defined as the administration to an animal of any substance, other than a normal nutrient, for the purpose of affecting its speed, stamina, courage or conduct in a race.
  • Stimulants compounds used in horse racing an
    • Caffeine Adrenaline Sympathine
    • Strychinine Leptazol Methamphetamine groups
    • Picrotoxin Amphetamine
    • Cocaine
  • Drugs used for impairing an animal’s performance Sedatives
    • Chloral hydras Paraldehyde Strontium
    • Barbiturates Bromides
    • Morphine Camphor
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