Module 1: Sanitary pipes, fittings and milk handling equipment

Lesson 1. Materials and sanitary features of the dairy equipment.
Lesson 2. Sanitary pipes and fittings, standard glass piping, plastic tubing, fittings and gaskets.
Lesson 3. Installation, care and maintenance of pipes & fittings.
Lesson 4. Milk storage tanks, silos, road tankers, tail tankers.

Module 2: Bottle & cans washing and CIP cleaning equipment

Lesson 5. Description, working and maintenance of can washers straight - through can washer.
Lesson 6. Bottle washers. Factors affecting washing operations, power requirements of can and bottle washers.
Lesson 7. CIP and designing of system.

Module 3: Separation equipment

Lesson 8. Mechanical Separation: Fundamentals involved in separation.
Lesson 9. Principles involved in filtration, Types, rates of filtration, pressure drop calculations.
Lesson 10. Gravity settling, Sedimentation, Principles of centrifugal separation.
Lesson 11. Different types of centrifuges. Application in Dairy Industry, clarifiers, tri processors, cream separator.
Lesson 12. Self-disludging centrifuge, Bacto-fuge, care and maintenance of separators and clarifiers .
Lesson 13. Solving numerical.

Module 4: Homogenizers

Lesson 14. Homogenization : Classification, single stage and two stage homogenizer pumps, power requirement for homogenization.
Lesson 15. Care and maintenance of homogenizers, aseptic homogenizers.
Lesson 16. Solving numericals.

Module 5: Pasteurizers

Lesson 17. Pasteurization: Batch, flash and continuous (HTST) pasteurizers.
Lesson 18. Pasteurizer control, Flow diversion valve.
Lesson 19. Care and maintenance of pasteurizer.
Lesson 20. Solving numerical.

Module 6: Sterilizing & packing equipment

Lesson 21. Different types of sterilizers, in- bottle sterilizers, autoclaves.
Lesson 22. Continuous sterilization plant, UHT sterilization -I
Lesson 23. Continuous sterilization plant, UHT sterilization -II
Lesson 24. Aseptic packaging and equipment.
Lesson 25. Care and maintenance of Sterilizers.
Lesson 26. Solving numericals.

Module 7: Filling equipment

Lesson 27. Filling Operation: Principles and working of different types of bottle fillers and capping machine.
Lesson 28. Pouch filling machine, Form-Fill-Seal Types.
Lesson 29. Aseptic filling by bulk handling system, care and maintenance.

Module 8: Mixing and agitation equipment

Lesson 30. Mixing and agitation.
Lesson 31. Power consumption of mixer-impeller, selection of mixing equipment in dairy industry, mixing pumps.
Lesson 32 Solving numerical.

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