Course Outline

Module1: Lines, lettering and scales

Lesson 1. Manual drafting tools for Engineering Drawing

Lesson 2. Types of scales.

Lesson 3. Line and lettering

Module 2: Projections

Lesson 4. Dimensioning technique

Lesson 5. Orthographic projections

Module 3: Sectional views

Lesson 6. Sectional view

Lesson 7. Types of projections

Module 4: Temporary faster

Lesson 8. Fastening

Lesson 9. Drawing of bolt and nut

Lesson 10. Drawing of stud

Module 5: Keys, cotter and pin joints

Lesson 11. Types of Key, cotter joints and pin joints

Module 6: Shaft couplings

Lesson 12. Rigid coupling, Loose coupling, Flexible coupling, Universal coupling

Module 7: Bearings

Lesson 13. Shaft bearing: Journal bearings, Pivot bearings, Collar bearings

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