Exercise 13

Exercise 13: Maintenance of Nursery Records

    Exercise: Maintenance of nursery records.
    Materials required: Registers, chronological operation record, nursery map
    • Some records are essential if nurseryman is to plan his nursery for remunerative returns and establish as a reputed enterprise.
    • A nursery planner should know how long it takes to lift saplings or how much seed is required, or how much cuttings he can accommodate in a glasshouse or how much scion wood is required for grafting a particular plot of nursery.
    • There must be specific register for specific selected activities to keep day to day or pedigree or operation records in nursery.
    • These records are required by law to satisfy inspecting authorities, tax calculation, detect or discourage theft in case of big nurseries. The important aspects for which maintenance of record is necessary are as under:
      • Progeny orchard record: The exact map of progeny orchard is drawn in a register, which depicts the date of plantation, source of mother orchard plants, layout record of different fruit varieties. The addition or deletion of any variety needs to be recorded chronologically. The quantity of scion wood taken from individual mother plant should also be recorded, so as to quantity the volume of cuttings per plant and total strength of mother plants required to be maintained to cater the demand/need of particular nursery or nurseries.
      • Nursery layout record: The layout plan of nursery plots crop wise, and within crop variety wise, mentioning direction of plots starting or ending. The plots should also be labeled with tags or field plates, if there is no risk of theft. This helps in ensuring the proper record along with date of budding/ grafting, days taken to sprout etc.
      • Cultural operations record: The record of different operations such as stratification of seeds, date of sowing, date of germination, farm operation such as record of spray dates, date of budding /grafting , fertilizer application and dose applied. Any other foliar spray including insecticides, fungicides, growth regulators and nutrient sprays etc.
      • Disposal register: The record of salable plants left after thorough inspection is maintained in this register. The record is maintained crop wise, variety wise, which will tell us the expected out come from the nursery and help in accounting purposes.
      • Advisory/visitor register: The suggestions of experts invited to address specific problem should be recorded in this register, with his own hand. The record of visitors should be maintained with specific remarks and feedback from the field. Some of the valuable remarks of experts and experienced nurserymen can be put in practice.
    • All registers should be issued through Inventory Register, so that record of number of registers maintained is known.
    • The specific information should be recorded.
    • Nurserymen should not be bias in recording specific problems.

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